Facts About Teeth Whitening You Should Know

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facts about teeth whitening you should know

Of all the many cosmetic treatments available from your dentist in South Edmonton — including at Landmark Dental — the most accessible and attractive might be teeth whitening. Teeth whitening near you can be accomplished quickly and inexpensively and can easily transform your appearance and brighten your mood. Here are some answers to common questions that we’re often asked about teeth whitening in South Edmonton.

Can a dentist do it for me?

Customized whitening trays use stronger bleaching compounds than are available in DIY kits to produce much more dramatic results faster with specific tailoring of the process to any tooth sensitivity, your specific stains and any particularly problematic teeth. The staff at your dental clinic in South Edmonton can even provide an at-home version of those kits after assessing your teeth and customizing the bleaching compounds. Many dentists use the Zoom teeth whitening system which combines customized whitening trays with special lights and lamps to accelerate the whitening effects. Dentist-supported whitening is more expensive than DIY options but you get what you pay for in terms of quick and dramatic results, customized applications targeted treatment and professional support and advice about dealing with stains that can’t be whitened away.

Can I whiten my teeth myself?

DIY kits from drugstores and grocery stores — and even available online — may, when used as instructed, and with time may gradually show some whitening effect on some stains. They will not work on all stains or nearly as quickly or dramatically as whitening options from a dentist in South Edmonton. We’ll suggest how a dentist can help below. Here are the DIY options you may want to consider:

Teeth whitening toothpaste is inexpensive and requires no changes to your regular routine, but it will only help gradually with the slightest discolourations. “Paint-on” whitening is a bleaching agent in gel form contained in a pen-like device. It’s suitable for occasional touch-ups and can even be applied with a brush, but often with uneven results due to inconsistent application. Whitening strips are the most popular DIY whitening option that will gradually produce a whitening effect when used as directed but can not be customized or targeted to specific stains. One can even order one-size-fits-all whitening trays online that contain whitening gels to wear at home. Because of their one-size-fits-all nature, whether they’ll fit you and your teeth or produce consistent results is an open question.

Who is a good (or bad) candidate for teeth whitening?

The only one who can answer that question accurately is a dentist in South Edmonton who is familiar with your oral and general health, the condition of your teeth and the causes of the stains and discolourations affecting your teeth. Having said that, here are some considerations to keep in mind to determine if you are not a good candidate for teeth whitening in South Edmonton, including:

  • If you experience significant teeth sensitivity because the bleaching compounds can exacerbate that sensitivity. If you do want to pursue teeth whitening, be sure to do so through a dentist who can take that into account
  • If your teeth are extremely deeply stained, those stains may not be completely removed by bleaching. Your dentist can advise you of the best way to approach those, either with a dentist’s stronger compounds or other solutions such as veneers
  • Most prior dental work can not be whitened (though it can be cleaned). If cleaning that dental work doesn’t achieve the look you’re looking for, ask your dentist in South Edmonton if that dental work can be replaced or covered to improve your appearance
  • If you are pregnant, you should wait to have your teeth whitened until after completing breastfeeding. Beyond teeth whitening issues, always let your dentist know if you’re pregnant, planning to become pregnant or breastfeeding
  • If you’ve had your teeth whitened recently, a dentist near you may recommend you wait before having them whitened again. Whitening your teeth too often can affect your enamel. Your dentist will give you tips for maintaining your teeth as white as possible for as long as possible between your teeth whitening sessions. Teeth whitening performed by a dentist in South Edmonton can last as long as two years as long as you follow those tips.

If you’re sick and tired of your stained and discoloured teeth, don’t give up and don’t settle. Contact a dentist near you and ask for help to get your teeth as white, bright and beautiful as possible.