Weekend Dentist Near You

Are dentist offices open on Saturday? Yes! Dentists and dental hygienists are just like you and completely understand how difficult it can be to squeeze in every necessary appointment into a single week, especially when we’re already loaded down with work and family responsibilities. That’s why, here at Landmark Dental, you can schedule an appointment with our dentist open on weekends. We look forward to welcoming you and your family!

Our dentist in South Edmonton is proud to be able to offer patients of all ages, new and returning, flexible hours to come in and receive the care they need. We also accept walk-ins. And, if you need to see an emergency dentist open on Saturday, there’s no need to call ahead – just come in as soon as you can, and our team will work to get your smile back on the right track in no time at all.

 Same Day Emergency Dental Care Near You

When you decide to schedule a visit with our dentist with Saturday hours, you’ll be able to receive all the services available during the typical week. However, depending on the extent of care you do need, you may need to come in for a second appointment during the week. This way, your dentist will be able to monitor your oral health. Our local dental clinic offers an extensive array of treatments, including but not limited to the following: general, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry, as well as sedation dentistry and orthodontic care. And, of course, if you’ve experienced an accident or your teeth have become damaged in some way, you can come in and see our emergency dentist near you open Saturday to receive urgent care.

Complete Dental Care in South Edmonton

We take the oral health of every single of our patients seriously; our Edmonton dentist is dedicated to delivering the highest quality and most effective care. You deserve to have a smile that you adore in addition to having a smile that’s perfectly functional. With that said, if you’re interested in a particular treatment, we encourage you to give our weekend dentist a call today. They’ll invite you to come in for a private consultation so they can thoroughly examine your teeth and gums; x-rays may be taken too. Such steps help your dentist open on Saturday near you determine whether you’re an eligible candidate for a certain service. If not, they’ll work with you to find an alternative.

But does it cost more to see a dentist in Edmonton on Saturday? A lot of people may think that it does, but in reality, it depends on the extent of care that you require. In other words, visiting a dentist open on weekends near you will cost the same as it does if you visit a dental professional on a Monday or Tuesday. If you have any questions about this or need assistance with your healthcare coverage, feel free to reach out to us! We’ll be happy to assist you.

Visit Landmark Dental in Edmonton Today!

Say goodbye to endless Google searches, typing in “dentist near me with flexible hours”; book your next appointment with us at Landmark Dental! Our dentist near you is excited to see you and be a part of your dental journey. So, are you ready to get started? Give us a call, send us an email, or stop by our location to arrange an appointment time in person. We can’t wait to work with you!