Root Canal Therapy Near You

Your tooth is comprised of many layers. Each layer works in its own way to protect and nurture the tooth. The outer layer of the tooth is called the enamel. This surrounds the dentin, which contains layers of tissue that make up the root canal system. The root canal is full of a substance called the pulp, which contains the important nerves and blood vessels in your tooth. If the inside of your tooth is exposed, the tooth’s tissue becomes prone to infection or injury. This can cause the roots of the tooth to die. Landmark Dental provides root canal therapy in South Edmonton to save damaged teeth in situations like this.

root canal therapy in south edmonton

When Should You Seek Out Root Canal Therapy Near You?

Most people who require root canal therapy will experience some of the following symptoms:

  • A toothache painful enough to wake you
  • Lingering tooth pain after eating or drinking
  • Radiating pain from one area of the mouth
  • A darkening tooth
  • Small bumps near the painful tooth
  • Significant pain when pressure is applied to the affected tooth

If you have found yourself experiencing any of the above symptoms, you should schedule an examination with your dentist to discuss if you require root canal therapy near you.

The Procedure for Receiving Root Canal Therapy

Landmark Dental is happy to provide root canal therapy in South Edmonton. When you come to our office, your dentist will determine if root canal therapy is necessary for you. If it is decided that you would benefit from root canal therapy, your dentist will make sure that you are comfortable and that the area being treated is numbed. Your dentist will work to create a small hole in your tooth to reach the root canal. They will remove the pulp, clean the tooth and then fill and seal the hole.

Healing After Root Canal Therapy

When you get root canal therapy near you, your dentist will work with you to ensure your tooth remains healthy. Your dentist may recommend that you get a dental crown to preserve your tooth for as long as possible. Soreness is normal for the first few weeks, but eventually, the repaired tooth should feel the same as the rest of your teeth.

Our dentists at Landmark Dental want the best for your oral health, and saving your teeth is important to us. We offer root canal therapy in South Edmonton to help maintain the longevity of your healthy, natural teeth. Schedule an appointment with us today if you are interested in learning more about root canal therapy near you.