Dental Bridges Near You

A dental bridge is a prosthetic treatment that fills the gaps between a single tooth or multiple missing teeth. Dental bridges are considered a part of restorative dentistry because they work to restore the functionality of teeth by filling in gaps that would otherwise lead to substandard dental health. Dental bridges also have an aspect of cosmetic dentistry because they also work to fill in gaps and improve the teeth’s overall aesthetic. If you are interested in receiving dental bridges near you, Landmark Dental is happy to provide dental bridges in South Edmonton. Please don’t hesitate to contact us or schedule a consultation to discuss your options!

dental bridges in south edmonton

Types of Dental Bridges

Landmark Dental can provide many types of dental bridges near you. Types of bridges can differ based on the type of material that is used. When you talk with our dentist, they will work with you to decide which type of dental bridge is best for your circumstance.

The main types of dental bridges include:

Traditional dental bridges

These bridges are made up of artificial teeth that are supported by dental crowns. The bridge is held in place by the natural teeth surrounding it. Bridges are used to replace teeth anywhere in the mouth and can have up to six units. In order to place a traditional dental bridge, our dentist will be required to remove the enamel from your natural tooth and use a crown as a replacement.

Maryland dental bridges

Maryland dental bridges use a metal or porcelain frame that has a fake tooth in the front, which is attached to the surrounding natural teeth. These dental bridges near you tend to be more conservative and, therefore, more low risk.

Cantilever dental bridges

Cantilever dental bridges are similar to traditional bridges; however, they only use one supporting anchor. This is a good option to consider if there is only one natural tooth to hold the bridge in place.

Implant-supported bridges

These bridges are used when there are multiple missing teeth in the mouth. Dental implants are used to secure the bridges in the mouth. These bridges tend to be slightly more affordable than others.

Please schedule a consultation with one of our dentists today to gain more insight or discuss receiving dental bridges near you.

Benefits of Using Dental Bridges Near You

Dental bridges in South Edmonton are helpful for many reasons, including:

  • Bringing back your smile
  • Allowing you to chew properly
  • Renewing the shape of your face
  • Adhering remaining teeth in place

Landmark Dental provides information and services for dental bridges in South Edmonton. If you are considering dental bridges near you, please contact us today.