Custom Mouthguards Near You

Mouthguards are devices that are used to help protect the teeth of individuals who clench or grind their teeth while sleeping or playing sports. While there are many types of mouthguards, custom mouthguards in South Edmonton are often the preferred and most effective type of mouthguard.

If you feel that grinding or clenching is something that you struggle with, read more about how Landmark Dental can help provide relief with custom mouthguards near you.

custom mouthguards in south edmonton

What is Teeth Grinding?

Teeth grinding and clenching are also known as a condition called bruxism. This is a sleep-related disorder, that can cause problems such as tooth and jaw pain, as well as sore gums. Bruxism can also result in damage to your teeth.

A mouthguard can help to keep your top and bottom teeth separated so that they remain undamaged from the pressure of grinding or clenching.

If you are experiencing symptoms of bruxism, talk to Landmark Dental about getting a custom mouthguard near you. When worn properly, custom mouthguards in South Edmonton will minimize your risk of further mouth injuries and maximize the longevity and health of your teeth.

The Benefits of Receiving Custom Mouthguards Near You

Receiving custom mouthguards in South Edmonton is very beneficial to individuals struggling with bruxism. They can also be helpful to individuals who play sports that carry a high risk of falling or injuries that can impact the face. A mouthguard will help protect your teeth and prevent them from injuring other parts of your mouth as well.

Custom mouthguards near you are made uniquely for each individual’s mouth and tooth structure. If you choose to get fitted for a custom mouthguard, a dentist will take a mould of your teeth and use it to create a mouthguard specifically for the structure of your teeth and mouth. This provides optimal comfort, safety, and protection and ensures you will get the best-fitted mouthguard for your mouth structure.

If you grind your teeth, a custom mouthguard is the best option for relief. If you have any questions about receiving a custom mouthguard near you, Landmark Dental is happy to help! Contact us to schedule a consultation today.