Types of Dental Emergencies and Their Solutions

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types of dental emergencies and their solutions

A dental emergency is any dental issue that requires immediate medical attention from a dentist in South Edmonton. They include severe pain, trauma in the mouth, uncontrolled bleeding, knocked-out teeth, and more. These problems need to be addressed right away, or they can cause severe pain and complications.

A dental emergency can happen at any time, and it is important to understand what counts as a dental emergency. In this blog post, our team at Landmark Dental provides you with information on the various kinds of dental emergencies and how to respond to them.

Common Dental Emergencies

Our team is happy to provide our patients with emergency dentistry in South Edmonton. Here are some of the most common dental emergencies that we see:

  • Knocked-out tooth- if you have a knocked-out tooth, it is important that you avoid touching the roots and only handle it by the crown. If you can place the tooth back in its socket, do so carefully. If you are unable to do this, place it in a glass of milk and bring it with you to your dentist.
  • Pain- most dental emergencies come along with some pain. The nature of the pain determines how you should treat it. Sometimes a tooth may crack, and you will feel pain when biting down. An abscessed gum can also cause pain. If you do not have severe pain, you may be able to wait to visit a dentist near you. But if the pain is severe, you need to visit a dentist as soon as possible.
  • Bleeding gums- if you notice blood on your toothbrush or when you spit, you need to seek emergency dentistry near you. Things such as injury, pregnancy, and inflammation can cause uncontrolled bleeding. If you have excessive bleeding, visit a dentist as soon as you can.
  • Toothache- if you have a toothache, you can rinse your mouth with salt water to clean the oral cavities and help with the pain. Peppermint tea bags can also help soothe painful gums. Book an appointment with your dentist as soon as you are able to determine the cause of your toothache and get appropriate treatment.

The Significance Of Emergency Dental Services

Emergency dentists focus on restoring your smile and improving the appearance of your smile while boosting your smile. Here are some of the main benefits of emergency dental care:

  • Reduced risk of infection or other complications
  • A good alternative to traditional treatment
  • Preserved teeth and function
  • Reduced pain and swelling

How to Prevent Dental Emergencies

While there is nothing you can do to guarantee that you will never experience a dental emergency, there are some things you can do to reduce your risk:

  • Regular brushing and flossing
  • Wearing mouthguards during sports play
  • Visiting a dentist regularly for professional dental cleanings and exams
  • Being mindful of habits such as nail-biting and jaw clenching
  • Using fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash to strengthen your tooth enamel
  • Avoiding intake of sugary foods and beverages

Visit Landmark Dental

Our Edmonton dental clinic team is happy to provide our patients with emergency dental services. If you ever find yourself in the middle of a dental emergency, please do not hesitate to contact our Landmark Dental team for high-quality emergency dental care.